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As a lover of pizza, I have always dreamt of making a perfect pizza in a wood-fired oven. Recently, I stumbled upon the Ooni Pizza Oven, which promised to provide an authentic wood-fired pizza experience. However, to truly achieve a perfect pizza, the right wood is essential. So, I did my research and tested various types of wood, and here are my findings that I would like to share with you.

Importance of using the right wood for a pizza oven

Before discussing the types of wood, it’s essential to understand why using the right wood is so critical for a pizza oven. The right wood not only provides heat but adds a unique flavor to the pizza. The wood should have a low moisture content to ensure a consistent temperature and a beautiful crust. Using the wrong wood might result in uneven heat, unpleasant flavors, and excessive smoke.

What makes a good wood for a pizza oven?

A few factors commend what makes an appropriate wood for a pizza oven. These considerations are heat output, flavor, and low moisture content. Let us dive further into each one of these factors.

Heat Output

The wood selected for your pizza oven should generate a high heat output. This would enable the oven to attain a high temperature quickly, necessary for the dough’s quick cooking. Hardwoods are known to produce a high heat output compared to softwoods.


A good wood for a pizza oven should add a delicious flavor to the pizza rather than overshadow it. Fruity and hardwoods are considered better for this reason. Aromatic woods like mesquite, cedar, and pine are not suitable for pizza ovens as they have an overpowering flavor.

Low moisture content

Lower moisture content is essential in the wood for an evenly cooked and beautiful crust. Softwoods, which have higher moisture content, are not ideal for a pizza oven. Hardwoods, on the other hand, have a low moisture content that provides a consistent temperature throughout the cooking process.

Types of Wood for Ooni Pizza Oven

The next step is to explore the two types of woods for a pizza oven: hardwood and fruitwood.



Oak is a mighty hardwood that produces high heat and has a mild flavor, adding a kiss of smokiness to the pizza. Oak is also readily available widely, so it’s a good option to stock up for any pizza party plan.


Another hardwood that is excellent for the Ooni Pizza Oven is maple. It has a light and delicate flavor that does not overpower the pizza toppings. It smolders well and is easy to light up, which makes it a perfect choice for beginners.


Hickory is a hardwood that has a strong flavor that is known to add a bacon-like flavor to the pizza. It is not recommended for the entire cooking process as it may overpower the taste of the toppings. Hickory should be used sparingly, mixed with other woods, and experimented with until you find the right balance for your taste.



Applewood is one of the most popular woods for pizza ovens. It produces a sweet and fruity aroma that complements the toppings, and it burns hot and fast. The crust is not as crisp as other woods, but it is still delicious.


Cherry is a hardwood that has a sweet and mild flavor. It is similar to applewood but has a slightly darker color. Cherry produces an excellent crust and is suitable for pizzas with delicate flavors, such as margarita or bianca.


Peachwood is a rare type of fruitwood that has a unique flavor profile. It imparts a sweet and mild flavor and burns hot and fast. It is perfect for cooking pizza with sweet and savory toppings, such as peach pizza with prosciutto.

Comparison of each type of wood

To compare the woods and decide, let’s have a quick overview.

Oak vs Maple vs Hickory

If you like a mild smoky flavor, oak and maple are excellent woods for you. Hickory, on the other hand, provides a stronger smoky flavor that may overpower the toppings.

Apple vs Cherry vs Peach

If you want a sweet fruity aroma, applewood and cherrywood are ideal. Peachwood is a unique option that adds a unique flavor to your pizza.

Best Wood for Ooni Pizza Oven

After testing all the woods mentioned above, I recommend the following three woods as the best for your Ooni Pizza Oven:


Oak produces a high heat for quick cooking, has a mild flavor, and is readily available. It’s the perfect option for beginners and seasoned pizza makers.


If you’re after a sweet and mild flavor, cherrywood is a great option. It provides heat and gives your pizza an appetizing aroma.


Applewood is suitable for pizzas with sweet toppings such as pineapple, or meats like bacon. It produces a sweet smoky flavor that doesn’t overpower the pizza’s topping.

Where to buy the best wood

Now that you’ve picked your preferred wood type, the last step is finding where to purchase it. You can find the woods in three primary locations:

Online stores

Many stores are selling wood online, like Amazon, Home Depot, and others.

Specialty stores

There are several brick-and-mortar stores with a focus on outdoor cooking that sell a range of wood options.

Local wood suppliers

Local wood suppliers and kiln-drying facilities are also a great option to find high-quality wood at an affordable price.


Using the right wood in your Ooni Pizza Oven is essential to make a perfect pizza. Oak, cherry, and applewood are my top recommendations for their even heat output, mild flavor, and widely available nature. Shop around at local stores, online stores or wood suppliers to find quality wood for your pizza oven. With the right wood and a little practice, you’ll be making delicious pizza in no time!

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People also ask

FAQs – Best Wood for Ooni Pizza Oven
Q: Which type of wood is best for Ooni Pizza Oven?

A: Hardwood or kiln-dried, untreated softwood that is free from chemicals or additives is the best choice for Ooni Pizza Oven. Some popular choices include oak, birch or beech for hardwood and spruce or pine for softwood.

Q: How do I prepare the wood for Ooni Pizza Oven?

A: You should cut or split the wood into small pieces, no thicker than 3 inches. The pieces should be dry and stored in a dry place to avoid dampness or mold. You can also use kiln-dried logs or wood pellets, which are easier to handle and store.

Q: Can I use any type of wood for Ooni Pizza Oven?

A: No, you should avoid using softwood that is treated or coated with chemicals, as they can release toxic fumes when burned. You should also avoid using wet or damp wood, as it can produce excess smoke and affect the flavor of the pizza.

Q: How much wood should I use for Ooni Pizza Oven?

A: You should use about 1-2 logs or a handful of wood pellets for each pizza. The amount depends on the size of your oven and the temperature you want to achieve. It’s better to start with a small amount and add more as needed.

Q: Can I mix different types of wood for Ooni Pizza Oven?

A: Yes, you can mix different types of wood for a more complex flavor. However, make sure that the wood is of similar size and species, and avoid using wood with a strong flavor that can overpower the pizza.

Q: How do I light the wood for Ooni Pizza Oven?

A: You can use kindling, newspaper or a fire starter to light the wood. Make sure that the wood is arranged in a pyramid shape and that there is enough airflow to keep the fire going. Avoid using lighter fluid, as it can affect the flavor and produce toxic fumes.

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