HOLSEM Air Fryer Review – Best for Healthy Fried Foods

An air fryer ensures healthy eating within an easier and healthy process. Yes, you can eat all the same fried foods but the cooking method will take care of the health values properly. In search of the best one, this HOLSEM digital air fryer reviews will let you know about this appliance and tell you how efficient it is.

An air fryer is a digital cooking appliance. It uses the convection mechanism to cook any food by circulating hot air around it. In other words, it is the smaller version of an amped-up convection oven. It features a faster cooking process due to its compact space.

This digital air fryer will provide you a healthier lifestyle. Now you can enjoy all the foods you like by avoiding the complex cooking issues. It also improves the eating habits of all. Including frying, you can go for a variety of foods of different ways using this low fat fryer from HOLSEM.

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What Are the Best Things about HOLSEM Air Fryer?

If you are a quick viewer, then this section is for you. Depending on the research and customer reviews, we have highlighted a few points below. It may make you interested to bring in this efficient appliance at your home.


  • This air fryer can fry, grill, roast, steam, and bake.
  • The temperature is completely adjustable from 175°F to 400°F.
  • Using a little oil will do proper cooking.
  • The nonstick aluminum bowel is removable.
  • Auto shut-off feature available (30-minute timer).
  • Keeps the flavor intact.
  • Comes with an accessory pack.
  • Its weight is 11 pounds while the dimension is 14-inch X 12-inch X 12-inch.

The Key Features of HOLSEM Digital Air Fryer

The HOLSEM air fryer can be the finest addition to your kitchen. This appliance is handy and will give the countertop a good look. Let’s go for a brief description about this product.


  1. Air Circulation Technology: For the proper cook and perfect flavor, you have to use a little oil only. All your cooking items will receive proper heat, thanks to the rapid air circulation technology of this appliance. It makes sure fast and even cooking all around. Those who really desire for less oil cooking, this air fryer is perfect for them.


  1. Smart Controlling System: It features a wide temperature range for any type of cooking. You can set the level from 175°F- 400°F according to the item. Just like the temperature, the timing is also controllable. From 6 different cooking options, you can press the one that you want to obtain.

The bright LED panel display will show you how much time is left to complete the cooking while the 30-minute timer will let you know when the cooking is done. And after that, the automatic standby feature will switch the fryer into standby mode.

This fryer is one of the most tech-equipped appliances of this time.
To get the electricity, there is an attached 32.2” long power cord with the air fryer. So, just insert the power cord and ON the switch, your fryer is all set to cook.


  1. Multiple Functionalities: It is an all in one appliance. Though fry and bake are the most popular options, you can steam, roast, and grill with it. Do you want something to unfreeze that has just come out from the refrigerator? Using this smart air fryer, you can do it easily.


  1. Easy Cleaning: Though cleaning is important, sometimes the structure and built-in material of an appliance made the cleaning job stressful and time killing. But the HOLSEM air fryer will never let it happen.

The aluminum basket of it is completely dishwasher safe. For the outer part, a quick wipe using a wet cloth will be enough. But you must not put pressure on the LED panel while wiping. No matter how long you use, by maintaining this cleaning process will keep the fryer clean and fresh.


  1. Included Cook Book: Different recipes can be the best thing that a cook-lover can demand. If you are a new air fryer user, then the included cookbook with it will help you out. In it, you will get 50 different recipes that are healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare.


  1. Included Accessories: HOLSEM digital air fryer has everything that you may need for proper cooking. You will get a pot holder, a kitchen tong, a mini grill, and 6 cake molds.


  1. Guarantee: A warranty card comes along with this air fryer. It ensures 30 days return (without any damage) and a warranty of 12 months. If you are a cooker, you may never have to return it and the warranty card is with you in case of any technical issues.


Final Words

To cook up crispy but juicy foods, HOLSEM less oil air fryer is the best option to go with. It does not require much oil or other substitutes that can add extra calories or any other fatty elements to the food. Usual steam up or deep fry, this air fryer is suitable for every cooking.

You can cook various recipes in this efficient fryer and the result will be same as your expectation or more. Besides its cool look, you will love cooking with it. This appliance has the newest features that allow a variety of cooking in a short time.

How to cook Frozen Fish in Air Fryer

How to cook Frozen Fish in Air Fryer?

We will share here the tips on how to cook frozen fish in air fryer. Before that, I can’t resist sharing my own experience of how I turned into a fish lover.  

Fish has always been my favorite dinner item from my childhood. I still remember the tempting smell when my parents used to cook some delicious fish fillets in the summer nights. We used to wait eagerly and have a blast on an undeclared party night. The most mesmerizing moment of my very childhood was when we used to enjoy family get-togethers on a holiday night. I miss the divine taste of the fishes my father used to cook for us. Till then, fish is still my favorite food.

The only thing that used to aloof me from cooking crispy fish was that it became super oily when fried till last year. When baked in an oven, it becomes dry and lacks the natural taste. Thanks to my air fryer that I randomly bought seeing one of my friends using it. Trust me; it is one of the best decisions I have made to enrich my kitchen. This simple, yet the outstanding appliance has made my life easier by letting me cook and enjoy my favorite dishes in the healthiest way. It has been a while since I have used my cherished air fryer, and I cannot wait to share my favorite fish dish with you guys that I very often cook in my air fryer nowaday.

My family loves it, even if I serve it to them in everyday dinner! So, without making a further delay, let’s jump to the awaited moment to explain how to cook frozen fish in an air fryer.

Which Fishes are Better to Cook in an Air Fryer? 

You can use any thick fish available to you. But I think that cod or any white fish holds excellent as my family loves them. You can even use a Tilapia or Pollock, or any farm-raised fish. If possible, get wild-caught white fish like cod or red snapper, and have a blast on the dining table!

I know you might be thinking whether the frozen fish tastes excellent like that of a fresh one? The simple answer is yes. Frozen fishes are not only tasty, but they are also equally healthy as the fresh fish. Do not worry. The fishes, while in frozen form, do not lose any nutrient value and also taste amazing.

Fresh fish is not always accessible, and even if you get one effortlessly, it is going to take a lot of time to clean and prepare for cooking. Frozen fishes are also fabulous and taste marvelous. You will be overwhelmed when you will see that the fish has turned out as a golden crispy delicious dish. The best part is, you can directly use the fish from the freezer, no need to thaw. Your kids are also going to love them for sure!

If you have not yet purchased an air fryer, I would recommend you to hurry and get one. It is undoubtedly a magic wand that peels calories off your tempting deep-fried dish. So, you do not have to feel guilty about enhancing the caloric level of the members of your family.

How to cook frozen fish in air fryer?

Do not think frozen cooking fish in an air fryer is a hard nut to crack. It is certainly not. Anyone can use this outstanding kitchen appliance for cooking tasty, yet healthy frozen fish fillets or any fish and chips. The best part is, you do not have to wait for the chips while cooking the fish. You can simultaneously cook both so that the fish does not get cold while making the chips.

Before I jump to the ultimate recipe of how to cook frozen fish in air fryer, I would like to give a brief of the methods of the preparation so that your fish comes out as a superb dish, even if you are cooking for the first time.

Steps of Cooking Frozen Fish in an Air Fryer

  • Before you put the fish fillets on the basket of the air fryer, sprinkle it with a subtle mist of oil. Do not skip this step as it will help the nets not to get stuck on the basket 
  • Preheat the air fryer to approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 390 degrees Fahrenheit. It may take likely 3 minutes
  • You can then put the fish into the bucket of the air fryer
  • Cook them for approximately 12-15 minutes 
  • While cooking, do not forget to shake the basket after every 4 minutes 
  • The delicious fish fillets are ready to grab!

Want to know the best part of cooking fish in an air fryer skipping the traditional approaches? Well, we all love deep-fried fish, but it has some downsides also. When you deep fry the fish, it will add unhealthy calories to your meal. Cooking in the oven may make the inside of the fish dry, and you cannot get the real taste of the fish.

The Ultimate Recipe to Cook Frozen Fish in the Air Fryer

Fish is the most natural thing you can cook amazingly in an air fryer. Moreover, you can easily switch your dinner items with tasty fish fillets whenever you get bored eating the same chicken or beef, just like me. Now, let’s put an end to the suspense and reveal the recipe of my family’s favorite dish to you. Be it Panko-crusted or seasoned: try once and serve it in the dining table for the weekend dinner, and get overwhelmed with the praises of everyone!


  • 5 or 6 pieces of frozen fish fillets (cod, snapper, tilapia or any white farm-raised or wild-caught fish you like) 
  • 3-4 eggs
  • Olive oil or Avocado oil, as per your preference
  • Salt and black pepper for seasoning
  • Bread crumbs or tempura powder- 1 cup
  • All-purpose flour- 1 cup
  • Chili flakes
  • Lemon juice to get an extra punch


  • Firstly, take a bowl. Mix the bread crumbs or tempura powder with salt, chili flakes, and black pepper and keep it aside.
  • Take another bowl. Put the flour and mix it well with the eggs. You can use your hands or kitchen folks so that they get well- mixed. Your batter is ready. 
  • Now plunge both sides of the fish fillets into the egg-flour mixture and readily put it into the bread crumbs and cover the fillets well.
  • The air fryer is already preheated at a temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 390 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Now put the fillets in the air fryer basket and splash a bit of oil on the fish so that it is cooked perfectly and holds the moisture maintaining the crunchiness.
  • Fix the timer and fry one side for about 6-7 minutes until the fryer beeps. Then change the front with a kitchen spatula and fry it for another 6-7 minutes, so that you can get equally cooked fish fillets on both sides.
  • Your fish is ready to serve! Do not forget to add some lemon juice over them to add an extra punch.
  • You can also serve it with your favorite vegetables or salads. I prefer avocado salad mixed with carrots, lettuces, black salt, pepper, and lemon juice. The taste increases more when you serve it with tartar sauce.

Nutrition Fact: Around 500 calories depending on the fish you are cooking

Serving for: 5-6 people

Cooking Time: Around 12-15 minutes depending on the thickness of the fillets you are using

Final Words

Once you try this super tasty frozen fish in an air fryer, you are never going to go back to those deep-fried fishes. Now that you know how to cook frozen fish in air fryer, cook and serve them at the next weekend party or dinner and be the center of appreciation!

How to Clean Grease from Air Fryer basket

Air fryers do not require much oil when preparing food. Therefore, cleaning is also a breeze because there is less chance to stick food with the accessories. If you utilize a proper plan and right set of tools and materials, you can complete cleaning faster and make the fryer entirely free from grease.

The following article is going to demonstrate how to clean grease from air fryer basket and before that the complete preparation to make the cleaning procedure successful. Note that an air fryer contains 5 important parts. These are –

  • Air fryer body
  • Pan fryer
  • Air fryer shirt
  • Air fryer basket
  • Air vents of the fryer

As you have now the idea about air fryer parts, you can go straight into the procedure. Before that let’s learn what
materials are required to clean the grease from the air fryer basket.


Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth is the key element to clean the air fryer basket. Not only basket, but all other parts can also be cleaned with this cloth. There are a variety of clothes obtainable in different packs. Thickness can be varied thin to thicker and it can be selected depending on the basket surface how unclean that is. 

15 Best Common Air Fryer Accessories

Like many fried food lovers, you know air fryer is one of the best appliances in your kitchen. With more hot air and less oil, it cooks healthy and mouth-watering foods. Most of the home chefs love this small cooker because of its many benefits and versatility.

An air fryer comes with some of the common features that you know, but you can enhance its efficiency by adding a few accessories. They are not too expensive or troublesome tools. Therefore, you can easily collect them and see how your air fryer serves you more than your expectations. Check out the accessories mentioned below for your air fryer.

Top 15 Best Accessories for Air Fryers

Frying and Baking Accessories

1. Accessory Kits

Among many other accessories, this kit can replace other individual accessories. So, if you are very picky, you can buy this air fryer accessory kit and everything is almost done. It offers an ideal selection of accessories in a bundle that is mostly needed when cooking.

This kit contains five pieces of accessories and it is designed to suit almost all the brands such as GoWise, Philips, Power Air Fryer, Cozyna, and more.

The kit has a cake pan which is round barrel-style and a handle makes this convenient to use. It also includes a pizza pan for making pizza, a metal-made rack to increase the cooking area in the air fryer, another cooking rack with kabob skewers, and finally, a silicon mat to keep hot pans on countertops.

As air fryers come in different models, you can choose different sizes of accessory kits. For small and large models, 3.7 quart accessory kits are perfect. The items in these kits are about 7-inch in diameter.

For larger or XL air fryers, it is suggested to select 5.3 to 5.8 quart kits. This type of kit contains an 8-inch pizza pan, a 7.5-inch cake pan, a 7-inch rack, and a silicone mat.

2. Food Thermometer

A suitable temperature is necessary to cook any food that offers a delicious taste. In general, supposition doesn’t allow you to exactly know the internal temperature. So, when you have Harbor’s Instant Read meat and food thermometer, you will never overcook a roast or a turkey.

This foldable, beautiful, and compact thermometer provides a very accurate result. You can use it with various foods such as cakes, casseroles, candies, meats, as well as liquids. To check the internal temperature, simply insert the metal side of the thermometer into the foods and you will see the result on the digital display within a few seconds.

This instant read thermometer is suitable for a large variety of cooking usage. It can identify temperature levels from negative 49° Fahrenheit to positive 392° Fahrenheit. A safe temperature chart for meats is printed behind the thermometer display side for easy use. 

3. Oil Sprayers

Healthy cooking requires safe and healthy accessories, and oil sprayers are a wise addition to your air fryer. Depending on your choice, it allows to use cooking oil. The choice includes cold-pressed oils like grapeseed or olive oil.

Oil sprayers are healthier for your family as well as the environment because no aerosol or chemical propellants are used in it. Therefore, making fried foods healthier, oil sprayers are a must item with your air fryer.

For example, Evo oil sprayer is available in 3 different sizes; 18 ounces, 16 ounces, and 8 ounces. These come with the same fan patter and you can use them by pumping with hand. They ideally work for oiling foods and baking dish. Perfect oiling gives top-quality foods such as oiling French fries turn into a delicious item.

Pumping each time distributes about 1.35 milliliters of cooking oil. This sprayer can also be used as other purposes such as spraying vinegar to salads for enhanced flavor. 

Oil sprayer becomes more effective with its accessory kits. These kits include a twist-on funnel which makes bottle refilling easier. There are also 3 stretchable oil naming bands that help to label the bottle as including peanut oil, canola oil, balsamic vinegar, sesame oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil. 

4. Appliance Sliders

You may notice that the granite countertops are cracking because of the appliance’s extreme temperatures. Also, it is quite difficult to keep the countertop organized all the time. The Handy Caddy slider will solve both the issues.

It is constructed to ensure the proper protection of the countertops. It is also good to have easy access to necessary and heavy kitchen appliances. This appliance slider is 12-inch longer when closed and 21-inch longer when extended. 

5. Cake Pans

Cake pans for air fryer add versatility. An efficient cake pan allows you to cook like an expert when you add it to your favorite air fryer. You have several options to choose from.

Such as, Springform pans come in 3 different sizes including a 4-inch heart, a 7-inch round, and a 9-inch round. Springform pans are equipped with a latch to loosen the pan’s side that finally discharges the bottom. It helps to remove flimsy baked foods like tiramisu or cheesecake.

This excellent pan can endure the temperatures up to 450° Fahrenheit. The whole structure is coated with non-toxic, BPA free coating. It also leads to effortless cleanup. You can protect non-stick lining by hand washing with soft cloth or sponge.

Fat Daddio’s aluminum pan is another option for you. It comes with a removable bottom feature. You will need to set the bottom in the base of the pan before filling. To bring out the cake, overturn the pan and shove down the opening.

These are also available in different sizes to suit any air fryer. You can find 7-inch by 3-inch pan that is best suited to almost any air fryer brand.

6. Baking Pan

Extra baking pans will turn your cooking into a more enjoyable task as they are very supportive to prepare foods for a group of people. You can make a batch of dishes at once. Even after purchasing an accessory kit, you will feel the necessity of a baking pan.

This type of pan is 3-inch deep and 6.1-inch in diameter. Generally, it fits in 2.75 and 5.3-quart fryers brands that include GoWise USA, Cook’s Essentials, Philips, Power Air Fryer, Nu-Wave, Secura, Ivation, Della, Faberware, Chefman, and so on. This pan is non-stick and dishwasher safe. Moreover, it can be utilized in an oven or an instant pot. 

Accessories for Food Preparation

7. French fry Cutter

Though there are several reasons to buy an air fryer, making French fries at home is one of the major bases. The air fryer doesn’t help in making only home fried foods, you can enjoy the best French fries. It is not any troublesome work, just make sure that you have New Star Foodservice premium quality French fry cutter.

This is a heavy-duty tool made of cast iron that will turn your favorite potatoes into delicious French fries in moments. It features a suction cup feet so that you can fit it on the countertop. Moreover, it can be easily mounted on a table or wall. If needed, you can replace various cutting blades and replacement parts.

Using this cutter, you can cook French fry that holds professional-grade quality. First, oil with an oil sprayer described in oil sprayers section and then cook it in an air fryer.

8. Mandoline Slicer

A convenient slicing appliance can make slicing tasks easy. As air fryer is best for healthy eating, you may add various fruits and vegetables in your recipes. Make this effortless, you can choose OXO Good Grips mandoline slicer which is adjustable and handheld.

It is available in two unique sizes; standard and large. The large size slicer comes with seven thickness settings and the standard slicer comes with three. It is easy to use and keep your hands protected from scrapes and cuts.

9. Ramekins

If you want to make individual
food in your air fryer, then ramekin could be a perfect choice. It is a very
small-size baking dish. You can prepare separately servings like cakes,
casseroles, dips, soup, and more in it.

You can find ramekins
from a variety of sizes starting from 1 to 64 ounces. Harold Import Co.’s ramekins come with excellent quality. These are
made of top-rated white porcelain. Easy to use as well as clean, sturdy dishes
are microwave oven and freezer safe.

10. Bundt Pans

If you want to make individual food in your air fryer, then ramekin could be a perfect choice. It is a very small-size baking dish. You can prepare separately servings like cakes, casseroles, dips, soup, and more in it.

You can find ramekins from a variety of sizes starting from 1 to 64 ounces. Harold Import Co.’s ramekins come with excellent quality. These are made of top-rated white porcelain. Easy to use as well as clean, sturdy dishes are microwave oven and freezer safe.

Cooking Racks and Attachments

11. Cooking Racks

Sometimes air fryer cooking surface may not be sufficient for you. In this situation, extra cooking racks increase the cooking surface and in your air fryer, you can cook a few items at a time. You can find specialized racks, for instance, kebab skewers enhance the efficiency of your fryer.

Tambee is a well-known name for cooking racks. It has a variety of options such as 7 and 8 inch racks to suit almost any size of air fryers. Moreover, Tambee provides eggs steaming rack that lets you cook 7 hardboiled eggs in the fryer.

There are also other types of air fryer’s racks. Extra-large racks fit ideally in the larger models of air fryers. If you need an ample cooking surface, you can choose from double rack designs. The skewers in it allow you to make corn on the cob, shish kabobs, and so on. You can clean the rack in the dishwasher.

12. Grill Pan

For a great grilling experience, an outdoor grill can be more supportive. But when you want to enjoy the grilling in your air fryer, you need an ideal grill pan to use.

GoWise grill pans are available in three special sizes so that you can select to fit perfectly in GoWise air fryer. It is designed to ensure exact airflow and make grilling great by keeping excess grease away. It allows you to grill vegetables, fish, meats, and so on. It comes with dishwasher safe parts so the cleanup is effortless.

13. Paper Liners

Cleanup can be a hassle if you do not know the right way. Parchment air fryer paper liners can help you to make cleanup a breeze. You will have two options; cutting parchment paper and fit them into the air fryer or using pre-fitted paper liners. The first option is time consuming when the second option is more effective and faster.

The liners of 9-inch diameter can be fitted in most of the air fryers including 5.8 and 5.3 quart sizes. They offer an ideal non-stick surface and sufficient airflow to cook efficiently. They are also non-toxic and natural, enough heat resistant for approximately 20 minutes.

Safety Measures Accessories

14. Cut Resistant Hand Gloves

When preparing foods for cooking in an air fryer, you may experience unexpected cuts. It is because food preparation includes slicing, chopping, or any other similar tasks. To prevent cuts or scrapes, you can wear gloves.

OXO Good Grips offers cut resistant gloves that are available in 3 different sizes – large, medium, and small. The gloves are designed to fit chefs of any size. These are ideal to wear in any hand, left or right hand. These are constructed with metallic, tough fibers that keep your hands away from any cuts and scrapes.

15. Tongs

To turn and flip hot crispy foods, you will need a pair of tongs. It will keep you safe from many hazardous incidents. OXO Good Grips offers tongs of two different sizes; 9 and 12-inch tongs.

The tongs are made of durable stainless steel. Their dishwasher safe parts are easy to clean. The nylon heads are designed not to make a scratch on the coatings of an air fryer. These tongs are temperature resistant up to 400° Fahrenheit. 

Final Say

Now it’s the right time to choose some essential accessories that turn your air fryer into an extremely-efficient cooker. As you know what are the best accessories for air fryer, you can make your customize choice that meets your requirements.

Simply Ming Air Fryer Reviews

Cooking has been compared to art nowadays. The old or traditional way of the cooking process is gone for quite a big time. Cooking method and process to complete a dish are renovating day by day. Besides the cooking process, the taste bud is also changing and improving among people.

With all these changes, shortening the amount of fat in all the delicious foods is also a prime concern now. Regarding all these, Simply Ming Air Fryer comes to you with all the solutions. Anything you want to fry, just add a little or no oil to prepare the appetizing food using this air fryer.

While getting the mouthwatering dish you want and also in a low amount of fat, Simply Ming Air Fryer is the best option for you. This air fryer operates itself like a convection oven. Prepare dishes like chicken, duck or small roast – Simply Ming Air Fryer is so resourceful that you can use it for all these items.

how to use airfryer

Be Careful When Choosing Air Fryer

Considering quality and user-friendliness, Simply Ming Air Fryer is the best option for you. As it can prepare all kinds of fries and meat, the “multi-function” tag can easily go with it. The addition of this air fryer in your electronic appliances will become very handy and also might become your best friend.

Choosing the appropriate Simply Ming Air Fryer is very important for you. In the market all the sizes of this product are available. Models are available that can prepare your meal only. On the other hand, there is a multi-functional model that can cook, toast, grill or bake. All you need to do is to pick the best one for your kitchen.

Features of Simply Ming Air Fryer

A lively lifestyle is a common desire to all now. To achieve the required nutrition and also a healthy diet, taking all kinds of foods is very important for everyone. Simply Ming Air Fryer can quickly prepare all kinds of food and also maintaining a low amount of fat. Few features of this air fryer are given below. 

Simply Ming Air Fryer is not like common deep fryers. Only a little amount of oil can do the frying for you. 

To make your food crispy, brush or spray a little amount of oil on foods before putting them on the air fryer. 

This air fryer uses “Circular Heat Technology.” This is a combination of hot air with high-speed air circulation that makes the cooking quicker. 

French fries, onion rings, nuggets, sausage, wedges and all kinds of frozen foods can be cooked in this air fryer in 15 minutes or less. Note that, no oil will be needed to prepare all these. 

You are always welcome to check the food while cooking. This will not create any disruption. By checking the time, you can guess the work done of the ongoing cooking. 

Loading and unloading process is very simple and user-friendly. The cool-touch handle gives you the option of easy loading and unloading.

Advantages of Using Simply Ming Air Fryer

The Simply Ming Air Fryer can be a colorful addition in your kitchen. This appliance is quite adorable in size but can provide you a lot with its variety of features and multi-functionalities. It is a non-stick appliance that has a lot of advantages. Check below some of the great advantages of this incredible air fryer. 

Gaining fat while eating is always an issue for us. There is no need to pour oil to cook frozen foods using this appliance.

Cooking on fry pan is not 100% safe for us as oil may come out and burn our skin. Simply Ming Air Fryer offers hassle-free loading and unloading.

The checking procedure is very friendly as you can always keep an eye on foods getting fried. This will not hamper the cooking.

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Is There any Drawback?

Though a few users complain that the odor of the cooked item stays even after a couple of uses, the guidebook does not say the same.

Final Words

The Simply Ming Air Fryer is a buy worthy product. In terms of long service and versatility, this appliance can let you get rid of many kinds of cooking. 

Maintaining sound health is the priority for almost everyone. Many go for salad and vegetables only to maintain their diet. Following this, your body may feel shorten of protein and other few minerals. What if eat up regular foods and maintain diet stays on the same page?

The Simply Ming Air Fryer can provide fried foods with only a few drops of oil. Using less oil, you can take all the regular foods you like to eat. The world is getting smarter and this appliance is a smart choice for your kitchen. Get this air fryer and bring a positive impact to your daily life.

Disadvantages of Air Fryer – Is it really healthy?

The whispering is everywhere about the air fryer, an incredible kitchen appliance which is worth the cost. Many people say that fried foods are not beneficial to our health but air fryer is an efficient tool to fry, bake or grill almost any food. Actually, by using air fryers, it will reduce the usage of external oil which is a great advantage for everyone.

If you would like to know some more favorable facts of an air fryer here are few – it creates quite less wreck, it doesn’t deliver the stink of fried food, and it is very easy to use. Air fryer has, no doubt, a large number of benefits than downsides which will allow you enjoying profound fricasseeing. 

Besides air fryer’s many of the advantages, let’s consider following disadvantages of air fryer that you should know as a fried foods devotee.

Is Air Fried Food Healthy?

Air fryer applies a higher temperature to fry your foods. About 300-4000 F is the temperature in which the foods are cooked. If the cooker loses his attention even for a few seconds, there is a great chance for the food getting overheated. It is very obvious that by frying food, it ends up being dry as there is no oil utilized for cooking. All you need is just to remain careful while frying something in an air fryer.

When you overcook your meat in your fryer, the darkened coverings outwardly of your meat is known as acrylamide. This part of the food isn’t at all safe to eat as it can possibly cause unexpected illness in the human body. As a safety measure, you need to avoid the black crust on the meat. However, you can’t deny the low calories and fats of air fried foods.

Is There Any Chemical Reaction in Air Fried Food?

The reason behind the popularity of an air fryer is that it requires very little outer oil and uses the inner oil contents of the ingredients to cook. Thus, it reduces cost and provides more nutrients than conventional cooking ways. Notably, it offers the same taste, texture, and flavor to densely-fried foods.

However, in some particular cases, air frying can create a chemical reaction. It is called the Maillard end, which happens between a decrement sugar and an amino acid on the point of high heat. This chemical reaction can result in an odd color and flavor of your foods.

Does Air Fryer Take Longer Cooking Time?

Usually, an air fryer takes more time and sometimes requires a double than typical frying. As an example, if typical frying takes roughly 5-10 minutes, an air fryer takes something like 10-20 minutes, and simply like any frying material an air flyer also needs a few times to be warmed up before using. A bit longer time will not bother you at all; as it will allure you with the delicious fried foods you actually look for.

disadvantages of air fryer info graphics

Is Crowding Tedious?

The procedure of loading up food in a fryer or stove is commonly called crowding. Though its procedure is quite complicated, and it also down the temperature of the oil as well as squares oil or air course to the sustenance. As an air fryer is a tiny pot, the ingredients must be chopped into little pieces and kept in the bin, which may require additional time. An air fryer is basically very handy to cook or fry things like steak, a piece of pizza, or a cluster of fries.

Is Selecting an Ideal Size Problem?

Size of an air fryer is a matter of concern for someone according to fit it in the kitchen. A few people have an immense measure of counter space, and others have a little space with many cooking appliances. Air fryers come in several sizes, and you have to appoint a committed spot for it on the ledge. Sometimes it happens that you have selected the design, but due to incompatible size you don’t buy an air fryer.

Does Cost Matter?

Currently, air fryers are dominating the market and blowing minds of foods enthusiasts. Price can be different depending on the features, efficiency, models, and their brands. You can choose air fryers according to your requirements as well as budget. This will not make any trouble whether your budget is high or low, but who doesn’t know that a good product demand a bit higher price. Also, a proper planning can help you to buy the best air fryer in a tight budget.

Does Food Get Stuck?

To avoid pry off the barbecue or grill, you will need to brush the meat or fish with oil. But by doing this, it will add some fat to the food. Don’t use oil or spray in an air fryer as it may build a sticky layer in the fryer which is made of non-stick materials. You should avoid cooking with overheat in a fryer as the heat may feel awful and also degrade the outer and furthermore can cause unhealthiness, potentially dangerous vapors.

Do Sharp Objects Create Trouble?

It is not wise to utilize sharp items like blades or metal spatulas while furor the food or expel it from the steel fleece for cleaning as this would make a scratch on the non-stick dish of the air fryer.

When the nonstick covering begins to strip off the air fryer, it’s ideal to displace them if not it would make fitness problems. You will need to be more careful while using or washing air fryers.

Is Air Fryer a Complete Cooking Pack?

Rotisserie, pans and a few more accessories are needed while cooking in an air fryer, but they don’t come with this appliance. These accessories require additional costs and sometimes it’s bothering to buy them. It would be a nice experience if the air fryer would be available with all essential accessories.

Our Opinion

Compared to above mentioned disadvantages of air fryer, it is doubtless to mention that air fryer comes with more advantages and offers incredible services in every kitchen. It provides healthier meals, saves time, and delicious taste in your foods. Indisputably, the current buzz shows the future of air fryer and it will be one of the must-appliances in every home.

How to Preheat Air Fryer

Getting the perfect fried food with an Air Fryer is easy if you know some tricks. Preheating an air fryer is one of those tricks that can help you making perfect crispy and crunchy with your air fryer. Many people buy air fryer with lots of hope and end up not getting the kind of fried food that they want. So many of my readers also asked me about how to preheat air fryer and why should they do it, after reading about it somewhere. So this is a guide for you on how to preheat an air fryer.

Why should you preheat air fryer?

Preheating an air fryer is necessary. It is usually done to make the air fryer heated up before the frying food. Just like before putting dipping your food into oil, you preheat the oil, an air fryer needs heating up too. It makes your food crunchy as you would get in a deep fryer!

Guide for preheating air fryer

Preheating air fryer can seem a little worrisome thing for you if you don’t know how to do it. Preheating an air fryer works the same way you preheat oil before frying an item. It is an essential part of frying food.

1# Check User Manual

Every popular air fryer brands like FarberwareCruxYedi provides a user manual with the product. You can get almost every answer related to that specific air fryer. Many people ignore the user manual, but it is a very important thing to read it, you may get some insights on how to get the prime result from your appliance.

2# Clean it before using

Air fryers should be cleaned before preheating. The dirt inside the air fryer can make your food smell bad. Cleaning it regularly also means that you will get long-lasting usability. Check all the corners of the main basket and make sure it is fully cleaned.

3# Plug it in the right source

Like all other electronic appliances, air fryer needs to plug in right source. You should check the source voltage and make sure that suits your air fryer. Plugging in high voltage can destroy your air fryer, so you should be very careful about it.

4# Set the timer for preheating

Preheating takes some time. We found out 3-5 minutes is the perfect time to preheat an air fryer. Also attach all the accessories before start your preheating process, as it gets all the accessories heated up for prime results. If your air fryer is relatively new, 3 minute is enough for it to get heated up. Otherwise, it may take up to 5 minutes to get to its top performance.

But there comes the user manual again, some air fryer may not need preheating at all. And some air fryer mentions how much pre heating it needs in the user manual. So if your air fryer does not need preheating, don’t do it. And do it according to your user manual, if you find a clear instruction. But if you see your food not getting crispy, you can try preheating, even if the user manual has no instruction about it.

5# Set high temperature

Set the highest temperature in your Air fryer to preheat it. Usually, it ranges between 325 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You may get a little worried about this much temperature, but there’s nothing to worry. It will make sure for very good fried foods later on.  The higher the temperature you set the better.

5# When you forget to Pre-heat

What if you forget or don’t want to preheat?

You might forget to preheat your air fryer, or you just might not want to preheat your air fryer. What to do in that case? Well, you can add some time additional time to your cooking time. It depends on the food and the air fryer itself. You need to experiment a bit now and then to get the perfect timing for crispiest and crunchiest food.

Final Words

If you have cooked with other ovens before, you might already know what a little preheating can do to your food. It can enhance the taste of the food. An air fryer is also not much different in this aspect, a nice little preheating can give you the perfect taste and you will get amazed at how much of a change it can bring.

How to use Air Fryers – Proper way shared

If you are still unaware of how to use an Airfryer, that’s because you don’t know what miracle this thing can do on your cooking and eating habit. 

Why should you buy an Airfryer benefits of Airfryer and how to use it, this two guide can play a very big role in making the choice of getting an air fryer. After using several air fryers for a while, we have come up with a simplified guide on how to use one of them. Though the functionality of air fryers from different brands can be slightly different from each other, the basic way of operating an Airfryer is still the same.

Why should you use an Airfryer?

Would you spend some hundred bucks to buy an appliance that you would hardly need to use, or even worse, you don’t know what it does. Its okay, we won’t buy one of those too. But you’ll surely want to buy an air fryer after knowing what it can do. 

Air fryer is an unconventional cooking appliance that can roast, grill, reheat and of course, as the name suggests, it can also fry foods. But what’s more amazing is that it can do the job with the help of 75-80% less oil than normal. Fried foods usually cooked by dipping into oil, while an air fryer circulates hot air of up to 400 degrees to fry foods. It will the give same or even tastier food in some case, and reduce your calorie and fat consumptions in a big number. While the aroma is an added advantage.

how to use airfryer
How to use air fryers – Can you guess?

Tips of Using an Airfryer

While the air fryer is pretty simple and easy to start using. We have some tips to get you started.

1. Preheat it

Before using an air fryer it’s good to turn it on for 2-3 minutes and let it get heated. Preheating the air fryer will get your air fryer basket nice and even, which will make sure optimum cooking. So while you are readying your food to insert into the air fryer, meanwhile, also turn the air fryer switched on.

2. Set Different Cooking Temperature

An air fryer can heat up to 400 degrees. But you probably don’t need that much heat in all of your cooking. For example, cooking vegetable won’t need as much heat as frying a potato does. So, adjust the temperature according to your food. It may need some time to understand what temperature is needed for what food, but once you master the art of adjusting the temperature as per your food, you’re likely to get a better taste and hopefully start loving your air fryer too.

3. Spray Some Oil

Yes, air fryer is meant to be a healthy alternative to our regular cooking oven. And tossing oil into food is not the best thing for a health-conscious person for sure. So granted that it is aimed for lesser calorie, it still need some oil to start cooking. To get almost the same texture and aroma in your food, you will need some kind of cooking spray or oil (soybean, olive or vegetable oil, whichever one you like). Though fattier foods may not require any oil, most will need some. So you have to compromise just a little bit to get the perfect crispy, golden-brown fried food that you love!

4. Pat Food Dry

If you have marinated your food, or put some oil into it, it’s good to wait for some time to let your foods get dry and then start cooking. Or else your foods can splatter and spread excessive smoke. Dry food will ensure better cooking and less mess inside your air fryer.

5. Don’t Overload

Most air fryers have space for one layer of foods, some have two. But no matter how much food it can take at best, you should not totally fill it. Overloading your air fryer with foods may slow down your cooking substantially, which will also affect your foods getting enough crisp.

6. Shake It

So your duty is not over after inserting foods into the air fryer, if you need the crispiest eat, shake your food after a regular interval, to get all of your food a similar level of heat so that the whole food can get the same crispiness. You can do that after every 5-10 minutes to get the best result.

7. Check the Foods after A While

Air fryer works by circulating hot air fryer. So it needs less time to cook foods than most ovens. And you may eventually end up setting more time than it may need. So, it’s better to check your food after a while just to see if they are already ready!

8. Cook Various Food

Airfryer can not only cook fried food but some more too. It is great for grilling, roasting and such. So try other cooking except for just fried foods, at least once in a while. Mastering other recipes using air fryer will make you love your air fryer more for sure, as it really is great for many things.


Cooking French Fries Using Airfryer

We were just stating why you need to try out recipes using a good air fryer. So, we have a bonus for you in this article, about how to cook delicious French fries using an air fryer. So, let’s get started.


  • Potatoes – peeled properly according to your preferred size
  •  Canola Oil

How to cook

  1. Put your peeled potatoes into a bowl and let it soak for some minutes. Preferably 30 minutes or so. 
  2. Meanwhile, preheat your air fryer as we have already suggested. Switch the air fryer to get heated at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes. 
  3. After your potatoes are well soaked, get them out of water and rinse them well. 
  4. Make sure they are dry enough and then put them into another bowl. It’s time to add some oil to them. 
  5. Use as little as it needs to get them covered. Then add them into the basket, and set the timer for 5 minutes of cooking. 
  6. Adjust the temperature to 390 degrees at this point. Let them get cooked and meanwhile, open the Airfryer 2-3 times and shake it to get the crisp even.
  7. After just 5 minutes, your delicious, crispy and yummy french fries are ready to eat. Enjoy.

Final Words

Airfryers are great appliances for people who love to eat fried foods. Even using them is very easy. You’ll always get the same perfect result, with lesser or no oil. We are in love with our air fryer and we strongly suggest you to at least try out one.

Your unhealthy food days are over!