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How to use Air Fryers – Proper way shared

If you are still unaware of how to use an Airfryer, that’s because you don’t know what miracle this thing can do on your cooking and eating habit. 

Why should you buy an Airfryer benefits of Airfryer and how to use it, this two guide can play a very big role in making the choice of getting an air fryer. After using several air fryers for a while, we have come up with a simplified guide on how to use one of them. Though the functionality of air fryers from different brands can be slightly different from each other, the basic way of operating an Airfryer is still the same.

Why should you use an Airfryer?

Would you spend some hundred bucks to buy an appliance that you would hardly need to use, or even worse, you don’t know what it does. Its okay, we won’t buy one of those too. But you’ll surely want to buy an air fryer after knowing what it can do. 

Air fryer is an unconventional cooking appliance that can roast, grill, reheat and of course, as the name suggests, it can also fry foods. But what’s more amazing is that it can do the job with the help of 75-80% less oil than normal. Fried foods usually cooked by dipping into oil, while an air fryer circulates hot air of up to 400 degrees to fry foods. It will the give same or even tastier food in some case, and reduce your calorie and fat consumptions in a big number. While the aroma is an added advantage.

how to use airfryer
How to use air fryers – Can you guess?

Tips of Using an Airfryer

While the air fryer is pretty simple and easy to start using. We have some tips to get you started.

1. Preheat it

Before using an air fryer it’s good to turn it on for 2-3 minutes and let it get heated. Preheating the air fryer will get your air fryer basket nice and even, which will make sure optimum cooking. So while you are readying your food to insert into the air fryer, meanwhile, also turn the air fryer switched on.

2. Set Different Cooking Temperature

An air fryer can heat up to 400 degrees. But you probably don’t need that much heat in all of your cooking. For example, cooking vegetable won’t need as much heat as frying a potato does. So, adjust the temperature according to your food. It may need some time to understand what temperature is needed for what food, but once you master the art of adjusting the temperature as per your food, you’re likely to get a better taste and hopefully start loving your air fryer too.

3. Spray Some Oil

Yes, air fryer is meant to be a healthy alternative to our regular cooking oven. And tossing oil into food is not the best thing for a health-conscious person for sure. So granted that it is aimed for lesser calorie, it still need some oil to start cooking. To get almost the same texture and aroma in your food, you will need some kind of cooking spray or oil (soybean, olive or vegetable oil, whichever one you like). Though fattier foods may not require any oil, most will need some. So you have to compromise just a little bit to get the perfect crispy, golden-brown fried food that you love!

4. Pat Food Dry

If you have marinated your food, or put some oil into it, it’s good to wait for some time to let your foods get dry and then start cooking. Or else your foods can splatter and spread excessive smoke. Dry food will ensure better cooking and less mess inside your air fryer.

5. Don’t Overload

Most air fryers have space for one layer of foods, some have two. But no matter how much food it can take at best, you should not totally fill it. Overloading your air fryer with foods may slow down your cooking substantially, which will also affect your foods getting enough crisp.

6. Shake It

So your duty is not over after inserting foods into the air fryer, if you need the crispiest eat, shake your food after a regular interval, to get all of your food a similar level of heat so that the whole food can get the same crispiness. You can do that after every 5-10 minutes to get the best result.

7. Check the Foods after A While

Air fryer works by circulating hot air fryer. So it needs less time to cook foods than most ovens. And you may eventually end up setting more time than it may need. So, it’s better to check your food after a while just to see if they are already ready!

8. Cook Various Food

Airfryer can not only cook fried food but some more too. It is great for grilling, roasting and such. So try other cooking except for just fried foods, at least once in a while. Mastering other recipes using air fryer will make you love your air fryer more for sure, as it really is great for many things.

Cooking French Fries Using Airfryer

We were just stating why you need to try out recipes using a good air fryer. So, we have a bonus for you in this article, about how to cook delicious French fries using an air fryer. So, let’s get started.


  • Potatoes – peeled properly according to your preferred size
  •  Canola Oil

How to cook

  1. Put your peeled potatoes into a bowl and let it soak for some minutes. Preferably 30 minutes or so. 
  2. Meanwhile, preheat your air fryer as we have already suggested. Switch the air fryer to get heated at 360 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes. 
  3. After your potatoes are well soaked, get them out of water and rinse them well. 
  4. Make sure they are dry enough and then put them into another bowl. It’s time to add some oil to them. 
  5. Use as little as it needs to get them covered. Then add them into the basket, and set the timer for 5 minutes of cooking. 
  6. Adjust the temperature to 390 degrees at this point. Let them get cooked and meanwhile, open the Airfryer 2-3 times and shake it to get the crisp even.
  7. After just 5 minutes, your delicious, crispy and yummy french fries are ready to eat. Enjoy.

Final Words

Airfryers are great appliances for people who love to eat fried foods. Even using them is very easy. You’ll always get the same perfect result, with lesser or no oil. We are in love with our air fryer and we strongly suggest you to at least try out one.

Your unhealthy food days are over!

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