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As a pizza connoisseur, I know the importance of a perfectly cooked pizza. That’s why I invested in the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush. If you’re like me, you want every inch of your pizza oven to be spotless, and this brush is a game-changer in achieving that. In this review, I’ll walk you through my experience with this product and help you determine if it’s worth the buy.

Design and Build Quality

The Ooni Pizza Oven Brush is 23 inches long and has a brushed stainless steel body with a brass bristle head. The size of the brush allows for easy cleaning of the oven’s interior and exterior, without worrying about burns. The brass bristle head is designed to handle high temperatures, making it the perfect tool for cleaning any type of pizza oven.

When it comes to durability, the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush does not disappoint. I’ve used this brush multiple times, and it still looks brand new. The stainless steel body is heavy-duty and can withstand the daily wear and tear of cleaning a pizza oven.

Ease of Use

The Ooni Pizza Oven Brush is incredibly easy to use. The long handle ensures that you can reach every part of the oven without burning your hands. The bristles easily remove any leftover food debris, ash, or soot from the oven without leaving behind any scratches.

Comparing this brush with other pizza oven cleaning tools, the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush stands out. It’s more efficient at removing tough debris, and the long handle ensures that you’re not constantly reaching into the hot oven with a shorter brush. It’s also more gentle on the oven’s surface, meaning you won’t have to worry about causing any damage or scratches.


The efficiency of the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush surpasses any other cleaning method I’ve tried. The brass bristles easily remove any leftover debris or ash from the oven, leaving it spotless. Compared to other cleaning tools like a spatula or a rag, this brush is quicker and more effective, making cleaning your pizza oven less of a chore.

When comparing this brush to other cleaning methods, such as a self-cleaning cycle or a store-bought oven cleaner, the brush is less harsh on the oven’s surface. The brass bristles are more gentle, meaning you can use it more frequently without damaging the oven.

Pros and Cons


  • Durable design that can handle high temperatures.
  • Efficiently removes any debris or ash from the oven.
  • The long handle ensures a safe distance from the heat source.
  • Gentle on the oven’s surface, without leaving scratches.


  • The brass bristles can scratch some pizza oven surfaces, so be sure to test it out first.
  • It can sometimes leave bristles behind in the oven, so be sure to check for any loose bristles before cooking your pizza.


Overall, the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush is a great investment for anyone who’s serious about keeping their pizza oven spotless. It’s efficient, easy to use, and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. I would recommend this brush to anyone looking for an affordable and efficient cleaning solution for their pizza oven.

Be sure to test the brass bristles on your oven surface first, and check for any loose bristles before cooking to avoid any damage or contamination. With proper care and use, the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush will be a game-changer in achieving a perfect pizza every time.

List of 10 ooni pizza oven brush

Bestseller No. 1
Cuisinart CCB-399 Pizza Stone Cleaning Brush
  • 18" LONG BRUSH: The 18-inch-long brush is the perfect size for brushing off debris from your pizza stone while it is in your grill or oven.
  • PALM STALK FIBER BRISTLES: The palm stalk fiber bristles are tough on caked-on messes and provide and safe and natural alternative to steel wire bristles.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: The 13-inch-long handle features a rubberized grip and ergonomically shaped handle to keep your hand comfortable and far from the mess while the brush cleans up.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SCRAPER: The brush features a metal scraper with notched ends for cleaning and removing tough debris from the stone.
  • DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: The brush's durable design means it can withstand the toughest scrapping use after use. Simply rinse under water and scrub with a sponge if necessary and it's ready to use again and again!.Care instructions: Hand Wash
Bestseller No. 2
Hans Grill Cleaning Brush and Scraper for Pizza Stone/Oven | 17” 2-in-1 Tool with Non Scratch Heat Proof Brass Bristles and Stainless Steel Scraper | Heat Resistant Brush Head and Handle
  • EASY TO USE: Clean your pizza stone quickly and easily without the use of soap and water with this 2-in-1 brush and scraper tool.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made from premium grade stainless steel, with robust brass bristles and comfortable grip handle.
  • HEAT PROOF: Heat resistant brush head and brass bristles which won’t melt or singe like other natural fibre brushes.
  • SAFE: Designed to help you clean your pizza stone easily and safely, with long handle and brush head, keeping your hands away from the heat of the grill or BBQ
  • TRY IT FOR FREE WITH OUR PROMISE - Go ahead and buy our pizza slicer today! If for whatever reason it doesn’t meet your expectations just get in contact with us, and we will return your money without delay!
Bestseller No. 3
Bristles 4004 Industrial Strength Pizza Oven Stone Brush Scraper and Cleaner 10”, Brown
  • Designed to remove baked on dough residue and other stubborn burnt food scraps, stains, and residues
  • Perfect for restaurants, standing up to tough, daily use! Crafted to last for years in even the busiest restaurants
  • Manufactured with rust proof steel scraper and strong stiff brass wires
  • Compatible with any standard threaded commercial grade handle
  • Constructed with the highest quality in mind
SaleBestseller No. 4
Ooni Pizza Oven Brush
  • Cleaning: Brush off excess flour with bristles, then brush turn to scrape away the remaining food.
  • COMFORTABLE: The Ooni pizza oven brush and scraper feature a comfortable wooden handle, durable scraper and stainless steel bristles.
  • Efficient: The perfect tool to efficiently and quickly clean your Ooni pizza oven after cooking, from our range of pizza oven accessories.
  • VERSATILE USE: Ooni wood oven brush is a 2-in-1 brush and scraper for your wood oven, and is one of our most popular wood oven accessories.
  • Lightweight: With a weight of only 360g, you can take our scraper brush with you wherever you want!
SaleBestseller No. 5
Pizza Oven Brush with Scraper Brass Bristles Pizza Brush for Pizza Oven 53cm Pizza Stone Brush,Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories
  • Pizza stone brush size:53.2*2.5cm(20.9*0.98in). Pizza oven brush with scraper net weight:243g.
  • The pizza stone cleaning brush has a metal spatula on the back which is convenient to remove stubborn stains such as cheese and heaps. The bristles are long enough to easily remove residues between the grille.
  • The bristles of the pizza oven brush are made from copper wire.The copper wire is specially processed and will not fall off easily.
  • The handle is made of wood, with sufficient hardness to support the copper wire brush head and scraper for cleaning. The pizza oven brush copper wire brush head can withstand the high temperatures of any pizza oven and pizza stone.
  • This pizza brush for pizza oven with a spatula on the back can clean pizza oven and pizza stone quickly and easily, which is an ideal choice for home or restaurant.
Bestseller No. 6
Mauncode 21 Inch Pizza Stone Brush with Scraper - Perfect Cleaning Tool for Outdoor Portable Pizza Oven, with Wood Handle & Brass Bristles
  • Expertly cleans and removes food residue, melted cheese, ashes, and powder from pizza stones without needing to cool them, perfect for quickly baking multiple pizzas.
  • Features a unique spatula head for conveniently scraping away food particles and melted cheese.
  • Brass bristles are durable and won't be as hard as stainless steel, ensuring your pizza stone won't be damaged.
  • Crafted with a stainless steel shell and solid wood handle for maximum convenience, comfort, and durability.
  • Measures 21 inches long, 1 inch wide, and 1.3 inches high, making this the perfect pizza oven accessory for portable 12- or 16-inch pizza ovens.
Bestseller No. 7
Lrui Pizza Oven Brush,Copper Wire Pizza Stone Cleaning Brush with Scraper,Outdoor Pizza Oven Accessories.
  • MATERIAL:The handle is made of beech wood, with sufficient hardness to support the copper wire brush head and scraper for cleaning. The copper wire brush head can withstand the high temperatures of any pizza oven and pizza stone.
  • SUITABLE SIZE:The total length of the pizza stone brush is 18.5 inches, of which the brush length is 6.5 inches, which is suitable for most common pizza stones.The copper wire is specially processed and will not fall off easily.
  • FUNCTION: Pizza stone brush is suitable for outdoor ovens. It can be cleaned after the oven is used, or used when the pizza is changed during use,the copper wire brush can withstand the high temperature of the pizza stone. It can also be used to clean the grill.
  • BURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN:After use, just wash it with water and you can use it repeatedly. Will not rust and have a long service life.
  • ORDER TODAY, RISK FREE-We love our customers! Our mission is to bring you the best kitchen products on the market so you can get the most out of your personal cooking journey. That's why we offer our 365days warranty. In the unlikely event you're not 100% happy with your purchase, we'll send you a free replacement or give you a full refund, no questions asked !
Bestseller No. 8
Longer Pizza Oven Brush with Scraper and Heat Resistant Gloves. Mounted Metal Bristles Pizza Brush for Pizza Oven. 58 CM Pizza Stone Brush with Pizza Oven Scraper, Outdoor Pizza Oven and Accessories
  • REACH: Less stretching, more cleaning! Reach those corners of the Pizza Oven our competitors can't. Our pizza stone brush is 24 inches with a brush that is 6.5 inches long.
  • COMFORT: Don't sweat it and protect your hands against the heat of the pizza oven. Included are a pair of Heat resistant gloves that can withstand up to 500 °C/932 °F
  • ECO FRIENDLY MATERIAL: The handle is made of Bamboo, which is not only a renewable source, but also moisture repellant, heat, odor, and stain resistant. It is also hard enough to support the stainless steel wire brush and pizza scraper while cleaning.
  • MULTI-USE: Less tools and more space! Our pizza oven brush with scraper is designed to be used a pizza stone scrapper, pizza oven brush, or a bbq grill brush. Easily installed and separated for convenient storage.
  • Promise To You: This pizza oven brush bundle has our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If this product doesn't meet your expectations then it has not met ours either. We would be more than happy to replace or refund your purchase. Our goal is to provide you with a quality product that you would be proud to talk about.
Bestseller No. 9
SHANGPEIXUAN Pizza Oven Brush with Scraper Brass Bristles Pizza Brush for Pizza Oven 40.5”Pizza Stone Brush
  • IDEAL FOR PIZZA PARLORS:This pizza oven brush with scraper promotes quick and easy cleaning of your pizza oven.
  • SWIVEL HEAD AND LONG HANDLE:Efficiently clean your pizza oven with this pizza oven brush 6×2" adjustable brass bristle brush.It has a detachable 40.5"long handle,ensures safety,reaching into the back of your oven for a thorough cleaning from a safe distance.
  • STAINLESS STEEL SCRAPER: The oven brush features a metal scraper on the back of the for cleaning and removing tough debris from the stone.When cleaning pizza ovens at your pizza parlor, restaurant, or buffet, turn to this brass bristle brush.
  • URABLE STIFF BRASS: A pizza stone brush is an essential cleaning tool that helps to keep ovens spotless and customers satisfied. With its industrial strength heavy duty stiff brass wires it will keep any pizza oven clean after each use. but are softer than stainless steel or carbon steel so they won't scratch your equipment.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The pizza brush durable design means it can withstand the toughest scrapping use after use. Simply rinse under water and scrub with a sponge if necessary and it’s ready to use again and again!
Bestseller No. 10
Pizza Oven Brush with Scraper Long Handle 55.5cm / 21.9inch Long Pizza Oven Brush Brass Bristles for Outdoor Pizza Ovens with Hanging Ring, Easy to Install
  • Package Content: You will receive a detachable pizza stone cleaning brush with brass bristles. Different from palm hair, the brass bristles are more durable. After special treatment, the bristles are not easy to fall off.
  • Lengthened Size: Our pizza oven brush measures about 55.5x2.5 cm / 21.9 x 0.98 inch long after being assembled, which is long enough and easier to clean.
  • Stainless Steel Scraper: There is a stainless steel scraper on the top of pizza oven brush for easily removing stubborn food residues. It can also be used for cleaning grill.
  • Easy to Clean: After use, just wash the brush with water, dry it naturally and store. There is a hanging ring on the bottom of handle for easy hanging.
  • Wide Application: The pizza oven stone brush can be widely applied for cleaning kitchen countertop, pizza oven stone, pizza grill, etc. Strong cleaning tool can bring much convenience for your life.

People also ask

What is an Ooni Pizza Oven Brush?

The Ooni Pizza Oven Brush is a specialized cleaning tool designed to help you keep your Ooni Pizza Oven’s stone baking board clean and free of debris. It’s a custom-made brush with sturdy bristles that effectively removes any residual food, ash or soot.

What are the main features of the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush?

The Ooni Pizza Oven Brush features:

  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • High-quality brass bristles that can withstand high temperatures
  • A long handle that allows you to safely reach into the oven
  • A design specifically tailored to the unique needs of Ooni Pizza Ovens
How do I use the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush?

Using the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush is incredibly simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your Ooni Pizza Oven is cool and that there are no hot embers left inside.
  2. Remove any large debris from the oven with a small dustpan or brush.
  3. Use the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush to scrub the stone baking board, making sure to get into all the corners and edges.
  4. Rinse the baking board with water and allow it to dry completely before using the oven again.
How do I clean and store the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush?

To clean the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush, simply rinse it with hot water and let it air-dry. Do not use soap or harsh chemicals as they can damage the brass bristles. To store the brush, hang it up by the handle or store it in a dry, cool place.

Can I use the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush on other types of pizza ovens?

The Ooni Pizza Oven Brush is specifically designed for use with Ooni Pizza Ovens. While it may work with other types of pizza ovens, we cannot guarantee its effectiveness or safety in those applications.

Is the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush covered by a warranty?

Yes, the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush is covered by a 1-year warranty. If you have any issues with your brush within the first year of ownership, simply contact Ooni’s customer service team to arrange a replacement or refund.

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