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used ooni pizza oven


As a lover of pizza, I am always on the lookout for the perfect pizza oven that I can use in the comfort of my home. I stumbled upon the used Ooni pizza oven during my search and decided to give it a try. In this product review, I will share my real life experience with using the used Ooni pizza oven, and provide insights into its features, pros, and cons, and how to get the right one for your needs.

A. Brief on the product – Used Ooni pizza oven

The Ooni pizza oven is a portable, wood-fired pizza oven that promises to cook a perfect pizza in just 60 seconds. The used Ooni pizza oven is a second-hand version of this oven that has been previously used and is now being resold.

B. Importance of having this oven at home

Having a pizza oven at home is a game-changer for pizza lovers. With the used Ooni pizza oven, you can whip up a hot, fresh, artisan pizza in the comfort of your own home. This oven provides an authentic pizzeria experience right in your own backyard.

C. How reviews help buyers make decisions about purchasing the product

Reviews are an essential aspect of any purchase decision. They provide an impartial and unbiased view of the product from those who have already used it. Before purchasing a used Ooni pizza oven, reviews can help buyers decide whether or not it’s the right product for them.

Product features

A. Dimensions and build

The Ooni pizza oven dimensions and build make it a portable and durable option. It weighs about 25 pounds, and its dimensions are 22.6 x 15.7 x 28.3 inches, making it easy to transport and use in various outdoor locations.

B. Fuel type

The used Ooni pizza oven is designed to use wood pellets as fuel. The pellets burn cleanly and provide an authentic wood-fired pizza flavor. This is a significant advantage over other types of pizza ovens.

C. Temperature range

The Ooni pizza oven can reach temperatures of up to 932°F, ensuring that the pizza is cooked perfectly and ready to eat within a minute.

D. Cooking surface

The cooking surface of the Ooni pizza oven is made of a special ceramic fiber material that retains heat well and cooks the pizza evenly. This surface is large enough to make 12-inch pizzas.

E. Door and chimney

The door and chimney of the Ooni pizza oven are designed to ensure that heat is retained inside the oven and that the pizza cooks evenly. The chimney ensures proper ventilation of the oven’s smoke and ensures that the pizza’s flavor is not affected by the smoke.

Pros of using the used Ooni pizza oven

A. Affordability

One of the most significant advantages of buying a used Ooni pizza oven is its affordability. Because the oven is already used, they are typically sold at a lower price than a new oven.

B. Availability of spare parts

Another advantage of buying a used Ooni pizza oven is that spare parts are readily available. If a part breaks or wears down, it can be replaced easily.

C. Pre-seasoned

A used Ooni pizza oven is already seasoned with the flavors of the pizzas previously cooked, making your next pizza tastes even better.

D. High temperature range

The high temperature range of the Ooni pizza oven means that the pizza is cooked quickly and evenly, reducing the time taken to make the pizza without compromising on quality.

E. Ease of transportation

Because the Ooni pizza oven is lightweight and portable, it is easy to move around and use in different outdoor locations. You can take it with you to picnics, tailgates or camping.

Cons of the used Ooni pizza oven

A. Condition can be unknown

Because it is a used product, the condition of the oven can vary. It is essential to inspect the oven’s condition carefully before buying it.

B. Challenges of getting a warranty

Obtaining a warranty is typically harder for a used Ooni pizza oven than a brand new one. The person selling the oven may not be able to provide a warranty, which can make buyers hesitant about purchasing it.

C. Lack of instructions

When you buy a pre-used Ooni pizza oven, you may not receive the manual for the product, leaving you in the dark on how to work the item.

How to get the right used Ooni pizza oven for your needs

A. Check the condition

Always inspect the used Ooni pizza oven before making a purchase. Check for any damages or parts that may be missing.

B. Get the warranty

Look for a seller who is willing to provide a warranty or guarantee for the used Ooni pizza oven.

C. Compare prices

Compare prices and ensure that what you’re buying is worth its price.

D. Look for reviews

Check online reviews from other buyers who have purchased a used Ooni pizza oven for feedback on their experience, and how likely it is that the oven will be worth your investment.


A. Recap of the pros and cons

Buying a used Ooni pizza oven comes with multiple advantages, such as affordability and portability. Still, it also has its disadvantages, such as unknown condition and warranty challenges, potentially leaving you with a broken oven when you need it most.

B. Final thoughts on using a used Ooni pizza oven

After using a used Ooni pizza oven, I can confirm that it is an excellent option if you’re looking for a pizza oven that is both affordable and functional. It can cook a delicious pizza in just a minute while providing an authentic wood-fired taste.

C. Importance of choosing the right seller to avoid getting a faulty product

It’s essential to choose the right person to buy your used Ooni pizza oven from, someone who will provide accurate information about the oven’s condition and any warranty given. Research and buyer reviews can help you find the best seller to avoid getting a substandard product.

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KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel, 9-Inch, Black
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People also ask

What is a used Ooni pizza oven?

A used Ooni pizza oven is a previously owned wood-fired or gas-powered pizza oven produced by the Ooni company. These ovens are designed specifically for creating restaurant-quality pizza at home or on the go.

Is buying a used Ooni pizza oven a good decision?

Generally, buying a used Ooni pizza oven can be a great decision if the oven is still in good condition. It can be a more affordable way to try out Ooni ovens and get started making delicious pizza at home.

What types of used Ooni pizza ovens are available?

The Ooni company offers several models of pizza ovens that can be fueled either by wood or gas. You can buy a used Ooni 3, Ooni Pro, Ooni Koda or Ooni Karu pizza oven.

What should I look for in a used Ooni pizza oven?

You should look for signs of wear and tear or damage in the oven body, door, chimney, burner or hose. Examine any working parts closely, including the ignition and temperature gauges, to ensure they are working properly. Ensure that the oven is made up of sturdy material.

Can sellers offer warranties for used Ooni pizza ovens?

It’s up to the seller, but many do not offer warranties for used products. However, some sellers may offer up to a 30-day warranty, so it’s worth asking!

Is cleaning a used Ooni pizza oven difficult?

Not really, Ooni pizza ovens are built with a stainless-steel body which easily gets clean with a damp cloth. The cooking surface requires just a wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any excess ash or residue.

What safety precautions should I take while using a used Ooni pizza oven?

Always use heat-resistant gloves when moving or handling the oven. Do not allow children to touch or be near the hot oven while in use. Make sure to read and follow all safety guidelines provided by Ooni before using your oven.

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